Connect NurseAssess to Our EHR/EMR

To the working nurse:

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Then print it and deliver to your manager.

Request for Nursing App-to-EHR Connection

(med/surg, telemetry, ED, oncology, etc.)

Our EHR:

My nursing work will benefit greatly from using the NurseAssess app on the job. It will help me be more efficient, timely, and accurate in entering my patient assessments in the medical record.

It integrates well with and supports nursing workflow.

I could run it on my own smartphone (iOS or Android) or on a hospital-supplied smartphone.

The app is HIPAA-compliant; no PHI is stored in the smartphone. Further, with inactivity it automatically disconnects and clears memory.

For maximum utility, it can upload my assessments directly to our EHR. This functionality must be enabled by our IT department, and permission to do so must be granted by management.

I hereby request management's blessing and tech support. Help us nurses have what we need to be even better in our work!

To initiate this process, please get in touch with the vendor, Nurse Tech, Inc. by emailing

Thank you!

, RN

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